Kiosk Downloading Instructions

We have created an account for you to retrieve your videos. The screens you will be using are touchscreen but we used a mouse during this video for demonstration purposes.

You will begin by entering your phone number and pressing continue.

To download your order press the “View My Orders” tab in the top right corner. Your order has already been entered! Select “View Order” to see the runs in your order. You can click through the runs to verify they are correct.

Next, press the “download” button. Your order will now be prepared. A zip file will be created with your runs to be downloaded to your flash drive. When the large “download” button appears, insert your flash drive and press “Download.”

Make sure to verify that your order will be downloaded to your flash drive and press save. Your download progress will appear on the lower left of the screen. Your download will be done when the green progress wheel and the time remaining disappears.

You may then close the download bar and remove your drive. Please log out for the next person to download their order.
Remember if you have any trouble or questions, a 4 Legged Flix team member will be happy to help!

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